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Hilisimaetano In South Nias

travelingmedan/antz - Hilisimaetano is a village about 22 km from Teluk Dalam and 90 km from Gunung Sitoli. It has a large number of traditional Nias houses that fascinate tourist. The house was built in front of the kings palace.

The large yard in this area was used for cultural ceremonies such as war dances and stone jumping (hombo batu). In the past, stone jumping was intended to prepare young people to be ready for war. Those who could jump over the stone with 2 meters high were considered mature and capable to join the war. All dancers would put on colorful traditional dresses with feathered ornaments placed on their heads. This was a huge ceremony and is very interesting because ther are courageous jumps and heroic shouts. 

The performance of Hombo Batu or Stone Jumping can still be seen in certain ceremonies or as required by visitors.

How To Get The Palace?
In can be reached by using air or sea transportation. Air transportation From Kuala Namu International Airport if using sea transportation, it can be reached ffrom Belawan Harbour and Sibolga Port

Hotel And Accomodation
There are so many hotel around the destinations, and it's not hard to find them. The cheapest room rate started from IDR. 250.000. (By: Antonius Naibaho)