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Maimun Palace

This place was originally called sultan Deli Palace, now it is known as Maimoon Palace or Istana Maimun. Was finished on 28 August 1988 by Sultan Makmun Al Rasyid, first opened on 18 May 1981 then used as an administrative center untuil the end of world second war.

Maimun Palace still occupied by sultan Aziz Pekasa Alam and his family. According to the history of Maimun Palace and Deli Sultan, there is an interesting story legend called “Meriam Buntung” (Cannon Stub). It can be found in a small building in front of the palace. According to the legend: There was a princess called Putri Hijau from the Great Eastern Kingdon. She was a very beautiful and her beauty made a king from Aceh fall in love with her. The king asked her to marry him. Unfortunately, he was rejected. In his anger, he attacked the Great Eastern Kingdom which was at the time led by Putri Hijau’s Elder Brother, Mambang Yajid, who had been choosen to become the king after his father passed away. Finally Aceh won the battle.

When Aceh was about to attack the Great Western Palace, first miracle happened. Princes younger brother, Mambang Khayali who had been continuously defending the palace, suddenly changed in to a Cannon, it kept shooting. The barrel was so hot that broke into two pieces. On paret, the barrel, flew off and fell on the mountain near Kabanjahe and the other one (the stub) stayed at the Deli Palace and is still there now. Eventually, Putri Hijau was arrested, however when the king took her by ship through the Malacca Strait, the second miracle occurred, an enormous dragon, which was the incarnation of her brother, King Mambang Yajid, destroyed the ship taking his sister. Afterwards, Putri Hijau who was in glass box, was taken in to the sea by the dragon. Some people believe that Putri Hijau And Mambang Yajid live now in the depth ocean, near Berhala Island in Serdang Bedagai Regency (by: Antonius Naibaho)