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Rumah Bolon Pematang Purba

There are many tourist attractions in Simalungun regency. Tourist can visit or see traditional dances, customs, historical objects and many other attractions. Many of these have natural back ground and panorama of Lake Toba.

By this article, I am going to bring you to visit Pematang Purba, it has a traditional house and used for Museum, special for Simalungun ethnic who live in Simalungun Regency.

Rumah Bolon was constructed in 1864 by the 12th king of Purba named Tuan Rahalim. The Rumah Bolon in made of hard wood with a unique board wall supported by 20 reinforcing shafts. The house was constructed in traditional architecture.

Rumah Bolon is residence of the king and his family. Some buildings around Rumah Bolon are:
1. Balai Bolon
It’s a large hall and used for meeting place who was held by the king.
2. Jambur
This room used for visitors to stay
3. Pattangan Sada
A special place for king to relax
4. Pattangan Dua
This room used for princess to weave
5. Losung
It’s a place used for women in rice pounding.
6. Uttei Juna
It’s a place used for residence of the chief security and his family
7. Balai Buttu
It’s a place used for security team of the kingdom

The king purba had 24 wives and one of them was selected to be a princes. You can visit this place daily opened started from 08.00 am until 03.00 pm (Antonius Naibaho)