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Top 10 Destinations In Karo Regency

Karo Regency cover area 2.127 km2  and temperature ranges from 160 C – 280 C. The capital of Karo Regency is Kabanjahe with total population 344.121 peoples spread out in 13 sub regency and 258 towns. Borders on Langkat Regency  in the North, Deli Serdang in the South, Dairi Regency in the east and Aceh in the West.

Karo Regency is one of the primary tourist destinations in Indonesia and Berastagi. It’s about 66 km from capital town of North Sumatra province, Medan. Tourist destinations relatively close from Kabanjahe and can be reached by using public transportation.
Here are tourist destinations and attractions around Karo regency

Sibayak Volcano
Start climbing from Jaranguda village, about 1,5 km to reach Sibayak Volcano, this Mount active 2.172 meters above sea level, Sibayak is the most popular geo destination in Karo land. The ascent passes through thick tropical forest and dangerous cliffs, from the mountain peak, you can look down into the crater which still actively producing lava.

Sinabung Volcano
Sinabung is 2.147 meters above sea level, at the top of the mountain you can fina a camp ground which is usually used by the climbers. From the top of mountain, crater actively producing lava can be seen. To reach the place you will spend thime about 4 hours. The start point to hike Sinabung is Lau Kawar Village o Mardinding Village.

Bukit Gundaling
A popular place for recreational, Gundaling is short name for “Good By My Darling”. Well known since dutch colonial era,  the tourist usually visit this place to see the beauty scenery of Sibayak, Sinabung and the town of Berastagi. You can reach Bukit Gundaling by using pubic transportation.

Sipiso-Piso Waterfall
Flows out from a small ravine, make people think that this waterfall flow out from a approximately 120 meters up on the vertical mountainside. At the back ground of Sipiso-piso waterfall, a beautifull scenery of Lake Toba can be seen. Its about 135 km from Berastagi by using public transportation.

Tahura Great Forest Park
Its about 5 ks from Berastagi by using publiv transportation. This tourist destinations in Karo regency covers 10 hectares. Full of tropival forest trees more than 60 years old. Has many rare species of butterflies. Tourist attraction in tahura is elephants which are used for carrying tourist around the park.

Goa  Liang Dahar
Liang Dahar caves has three large cavents and several others smaller ones. There is a source of water in this cave which flows through a small tunnrl to desa Bekerah. On the walls of  cave there are swift nests and fruit bats. Liang Dahar Cave about 70 kms from Berastagi.

Lau Kawar Lake
At foot of Sinabung Mount, there is a lake which lay on 200 hectares in size. Climbers usually use Lau Kawar bank as location for camping ground. You can reach this place by using public transportations  about 27 km from Berastagi.

Semangat Gunung Hot Springs
A natural bathing place with hot water which come from  earth. Semangat Gunung is professionally managed as a swimming pool park.The water contains sulfur which is good for skin problems. Temperature can be adjusted according to the tourist wishes. This place can be reached from Berastagi by spending 13 km  using bus.

Goa Lingling Gara
Lingling Gara Cave is unique and natural formed tablets and chairs, used for protecting hunters who were being chased by wild animal. Through Berastagi, it spends 100 kms to get this geo place.

Lingga Cultural Village
Yiu can find an old traditional Karo house called “Rumah Siwaluh Jabu” . The age of this bulding is about 1250 years old. Made from round wooden, Lingga House materials was designed and constructed by ancient architects. It’s about 15 km from Berastagi.

Come and travel to North Sumatra, enjoy the beauty of nature, culture and the culinary. (Writer: Antonius Naibaho)