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Top 5 Tourist Destinations In Samosir Regency

Welcome to Debata Island, Samosir. The capital town of Samosir is Panguruan. Mostly the people who live here are bataknese. Samosir – Lake Toba is the third place which often visited by tourist in Indonesia. Explore the beauty and the unique of Samosir Island in culinary, tourist attractions, culture, heritage and many interesting others more.
For guidance, here are 5 top destinations in Samosir Regency, it has already reviewed by our team.

Pussuk Buhit – Samosir
Pussuk Buhit is a high mountain on the shore of Lake Toba, in northern part of Tele. In Bataknese belief, Pussuk Buhit is the place where the first of Bataknese came from. Arround Pussuk Buhit, there are so many tourist destinations which can be visited.

Tomok – Samosir
Most of tourist attractions can be seen in Tomok. Tomok is a popular place in Samosir Island, this place have many interesting place such as : Sigale-Gale dance, Sidabutar Kingdom, Traditional Shopping Center, Batak Culinary, and many others more.

Simanindo – Samosir
Simanindo is a small village in Samosir Regency. It has many attractions especially about Batak culture. Located in the shore of Lake Toba, Simanindo is a famous place. There are so many tourist destinations here such as Huta Bolon Museum

Tuktuk Siadong – Samosir
It’s about 5 km from Siallagan Village, a peninsula which sticks put far into Lake Toba. Because of its strategic location with it’s slightly slopping beach. Accommodations in Tuktuk has already good. Tuktuk also well known as tourist center in Samosir island.

The capital of Samosir regency, Panguruan is an economical and government center of Samosir. The town of Pangururan is a tourist destinations which often visited by local, domestic and international tourist. You can find many tourist place here such us: Hot Springs, Sakkal Cave, and bataknese culinary.

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