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Trip To Sibayak Mount

travelingmedan/trip/antz - On 06 - 07 September 2014, according to schedule that we had already promoted before, namely: "Open Trip Sibayak". All teams and participants met in the meeting point location, about 03.00 PM. 20 counted peoples. We were going to visit one of the most famous mount in North Sumatra, exactly in Karo Regency. 

The journey spent about 2 hours to get to Berastagi. This small city well known as a tourist destinations for domestic and international visitors. From Berastagi we went on our trip, by using public transport Sibayak Post Retribution, 30 minutes from Tugu Kol (Berastagi)

Unfortunately, we arrived in Post Retribution on 9.00 pm. Cause we decided to take Tourism Way from Berastagi than Hiker Way from Sidebug-Debug hot spring. That means, we must walked along the night. But we enjoyed it so much, it's a happiness. 

After walk through the night, caving in the jungle. finally on 10.00 we stood on feet of the Sibayak Mount. Some participants looked so tired, but they did not want to sleep earlier. Barbeque time!!. while we roasting the chicken, team prepared camp ground, it's used for rest palace and to save backpack.

In morning time, on 05.00. We got up and went on to the highest location. Much hope to watch sunrise and enjoying Sibayak Caldera. This mount is not active, a reason why many people intend to stay here for along. A very nice place to visit. Stones and haritte around it, will make you amazed, grateful for the power of God in creating this world beauty.

On 09.00 in the morning, we prepared to go back to Medan, cause Monday was waiting, most participants comes from student in university and class usually started in Monday. We were happy to enjoy one of tourist destinations in Karo Land, Another time we're going to explore anothers hidden paradise, may God.

This trip was held by Pariwisata Sumut cooperate with Traveling Medan Comm, 
Antonius Naibaho