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7 Destinations You Should Visit Around Medan

Horas, welcome to North Sumatra Province, a travel destination in Indonesia. Consist of 23 regency, North Sumatra with Medan as the capital has many attraction you should visit such as Toba Lake, Tinggi Raja Ciater, Parapat, Bahorok, Tangkahan and many others more. Lately, MICE tourism is being grow up in Medan, there are Toba Lake Festival as substitute of Pesta Danau Toba. It held once every year in August until December. Talk about culinary, you can find traditional/modern food and beverage around Medan. This city well known as culinary city in Indonesia. 

Toba Lake
Appointed as the largest lake in Southest Asia, many attractions you can visit here such as Tuktuk Siadong, Tomok, Pangururan and also Parapat. Toba Lake is 177 km or spend about 6 hours from Medan by using public transportation. Magnificence of Toba Lake is not only about it landscapes, Batak culture such as traditional dance, hand craft, local wisdom and culinary are tourists attraction. Toba Lake will be the third Geopark in Indonesia.

Tinggi Raja White Crater
Was recently discovered in 2010, Tinggi Raja is the most beautiful crater in Indonesia. This place is located in Simalungun Regency, about 87 km from Medan or spend 3 - 4 hours to get the place. Bukit Barisan view will make you amazed during the trip to Tinggi Raja. This Simalungun Regency destination famous for sulfur water and also limestone hill.

Berastagi Karo
Berastagi is quite famous for tourist attraction who come to North Sumatra. Fresh air, stunning scenery, cultural property and culinary diversity of Karo Regency make people feel at home. Tourism accomodation in Berastagi is very adequate. Stars hotel and restaurant in various price you can choose as long as your trip here.

The second most visited destination after Toba Lake, Tangkahan is the hidden paradise of Sumatra Island. One with nature, Founded in 1296, Tangkahan is the first eco-tourism destination in North Sumatra. Tangkahan is about 168 km from Medan or spend about 5 hours of road trip. Woth to visit, Tangkahan area has many attractions such as butterfly hill, bahorok river, elephants bathing, waterfalls and many others.

Medan Grand Mosque, Maimun Palace and Velangkani Church
Medan is a place where Medan Grand Mosque, Maimoon Palace and Velangkani Church you can find. Grand or Al-Makhsun is the oldest mosque in North Sumatra, built in 1906 by Deli Sultanate who lived in Maimun Palace. Velangkani Church has a unique concept. Looks like Hinduism, Anna Maria Velangkani Church a place for Catolik Worship

There are many stunning places in North Sumatra. For more information please follow us on twitter account: @pariwisataSUMUT or mail: info.pariwisatasumut@gmail.com. Enjoy your trip and please feel the warmth and the hospitality of Medan North Sumatra. (By: Antonius Naibaho)