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Samosir Tourism Board

travelingMEDAN - Well known as "negeri indah serpihan surga" Samosir Regency is the most popular tourist destination in North Sumatra. It has the incredible of Toba Lake with Samosir in middle. Samosir not only has Lake Toba, many places are interesting here to know and to learn about Bataknese Culture in folk, traditional art, traditional clothes, dances and others. Samosir also is center for Geo Park Kaldera Toba, situated in Toba Mount, a lot of unique facts about it will make you fell the right trade mark as tourism icon of North Sumatra. 

中多巴湖惊人,  最流行 目的地 在印尼 在亚洲最大的湖泊,也是最大的火山湖世界

Samosir divided into 6 sub regency namely:
1. Palipi
2. Sianjur Mula Mula
3. Harian
4. Simanindo
5. Panguran
6. Nainggolan
7. Onan Runggu

The sixth sub regency located in different area, by the reason every regency has each unique destinations as tourist attractions. In this article "Samosir Tourism Board" we describe about all tourism palaces:

As accommodation/hotel in Samosir, there are a lot of hotels around the regency. You can choose according to your budget. Usually, in every regency above we can find hotels with different class/star. Talk about culinary, you should try Bataknese food in this regency such us Napinadar, Arsik, Gulamo, Ombus-Ombus, Naniura, and others in restaurants. 

Shopping center to buy handy craft in Samosir is Tomok. You can find much ethnic souvenir here such as Ulos, Gorga, Gondang and Tunggal Panaluon. (Text: Lia N)