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Adventure In Medan

pariwisataSUMUT.Net - As the city town of North Sumatra, Medan is strategically as start point to visit adventure destinations in North Sumatra. There are a lot of tourist attractions you should visit, the difference of Medan atmosphere will create a new experience along your trip.

Top 3 Destinations for Adventure in Medan
Adventure in Langkat - North Sumatra
Langkat is a sub-district of North Sumatra province, consists of 19 sub-regency, Langkat has many amazing adventure destinations. Tangkahan located in National Park of Leuser, mostly well known as the largest area of ecotourism, you can do unforgetable experience a lot such as riding the elephant,rafting, caving, ect. Another tourist attractions such as: Bahorok, Bukit Lawang, Bukit Barisan, Katak Stone, Batu Rongring and many others more.

Adventure in Deli Serdang - North Sumatra
Located between Karo and Medan, Deli Serdang is a paradise of North Sumatra. Two Color Waterfall or local society named: Air Terjun Dua Warna. This waterfall has opened for public. Lau Mentar Canyon which located in Deli Serdang also will give you surprising memory. The stones, river, nature become an interesting treat.

Adventure in Karo - North Sumatra
Sinabung is volcano mount in Karo Land, this place used to be a favorite place for climber until the mountain erupted. Don't worry, Karo regency will never make you dissapointed. Sibuatan or Sibuaten, the highest mount in North Sumatra be a challenging choice.  By: Antonius Naibaho