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North Sumatra Tourism

North Sumatra Tourism, as one of provinces in Indonesia, North Sumatra has a very great potential; in tourism and travel. The potential includes natural beauties such as mountains, sandy beaches, tropical rain forests, lakes, sea, flora and fauna. Cultural richness like: arts, traditional dances, cultural ceremonies and others.

Traditional Arts and Crafts
As tourist destination, North Sumatra has a lot of Indonesia cultural heritages. Most arts in this area reflect the folk art although some of it has changed in recent years. Tribes in North Sumatra have well known art form. They come from malay, karo, mandailing, toba, pakpak simalungun and nias. Carved object such as plaited materials, antiques, musical instrument, traditional textiles, agricultural tools, ect

Maritime Attractions
North Sumatra surrounded by ocean. A lot of wonderful views especially in Indian Ocean. Diving , fishing, snorkeling and looking at the sea sights. Coral reef gardens in various kinds of fish and other marine wild live. Some of the tourist destinations for leisure in North Sumatra such as Sibolga, Central Tapanuli, Nias Island are the most popular for this type of tour. Marine attractions near Medan: Berhala Island, Pandang Island, Salah Namo Island. 

North Sumatra Sport Tourism
Surfing is the most popular for sport tourism in Nias, North Sumatra. The center of Surfing spot in Nias such; Sorake, Lagundri, Bawa Island and Hinako often visited by domestic and international tourist. Traditional sport in North Sumatra also interesting to watch: Stone Jumping (Lompat Batu) in Nias Island, Great Canoe (Solu Bolon) from Toba. In cultural ceremonies you can watch Marjalekkat, Margala, Marsitekka, Wrestling, Markong, ect.

Hotel and Accommodation
There is a lot of Hotel in North Sumatra. You can choose the most favorable hotel in Medan started from 1 star – 5 stars. MICE Industry in North Sumatra centered in some big hotel in Medan. This marketing industry is being developed in Indonesia. You can read the list of Hotel in North Sumatra.

Culinary and Restaurant

Exploring North Sumatra is a kind of amazing province for food traveler. Medan well known as Culinary city in Indonesia. You can find traditional and modern food such as Arsik, Tasak Telu, Naniura, Roti Cane, Coffee and many others more.

North Sumatra Travel Requires
For all the foreigner/tourist who come to North Sumatra Province must have a valid passport.  The arrival and departure gates are limited to certain places like Deli Serdang (Kuala Namu International Aiport), Belawan Harbour, Sibolga Harbour and Nias Airport. The airport tax in Kuala Namu (as the biggest and lux airport in North Sumatra, Indonesia) for passengers is about Rp. 250.000