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Top 5 Tourist Destinations In Deli Serdang Regency

TravelingMedan/destinations/antz - Geographically, Deli Serdang is located in the eastern part of North Sumatra and has an area 4.339 km. It can classified into 3 region: highland at more than 500 meters and lowland at 10 – 50 meters above sea level.

Boundaries are: The regency of Karo and Langkat in the west, the regency of Langkat and Malacca straits in the north, the regency of Karo and Simalungun in the south, the regency of Asahan and Malacca in the east.

Surrounding in the municipalities of Medan, Tebing Tinggi and Binjai, Deli Serdang regency populations is 2.450.070 and has many big plantations companies on this area which have been developed in to agro tourist destinations. Here are top 5 destinations in Deli Serdang Regency:

Lau Mentar Canyon
Lau Mentar Canyon is the most recommended for you who love to explore the nature. This amazing destinations can be reached by spending about 5 hours from Medan city. Lau Mentar is a hidden paradise, there are waterfall, hot spring, and the geographic is very cool. Surroundings green forest, local traditional culture will make you comfort

Sembahe – Deli Serdang
Sembahe located on the main road to Berastagi – Karo Regency. It’s about 36 km from the capital town of North Sumatra, Medan. Sembahe is surrounded by thick forest, you can find some restaurant along the river. Many things can be done to spend your holiday here for example swimming in the fresh river water, eating fresh fruit such as durian, mango, ect.

Two Colored Waterfall
Has height 75 meters, Two colored waterfall or well known as Air Terjun Dwi Warna often visited by domestic and international guide. The waterfall formed from Sibayak Volcano mountain since hundreds years ago. Its located above 1475 meters above sea level in the village of Bandar Baru, Sibolangit Sub District, Deli Serdang Regency.

Hill Park Sibolangit
Located at Sibolangit which is about an hour drive from Medan, Sibolangit is a great place to hang out on weekend and usually full. This could be the the one recommended place to visit. Hilpark providing all the good games for traveler who come and visit it.

Bandar Baru
A lot of lodging and restaurant are available in this destinations, it’s also popular for domestic and international tourist destinations who come to North Sumatra. Its about 16 km from Berastagi and 40 km from Medan. There are so many places in processing to be developed such as Dua Rasa River, Bunga Nabontar, Cemara Island, Merdeka Beach, Lau Dendang, danau Linting (Linting Lake), Percut Beach, etc.
These five most recommended destinations has already reviewed by us to please you holiday in visiting and enjoy North Sumatra (Antonius Naibaho)