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Tangkahan, The Hidden Paradise Of Sumatra

Tangakahan is an amazing destination. Our team can take responsible in this short description. A lot of fun and incredible was found here: accommodation, tourism object, culture, handycraft and many others interesting things that would you see, by your self. To the point, it’s heaven for the adventure so come on let’s desire it.

Tangkahan is located in Langkat Regency. This famous destinations is in National Park Of Leuser Mount area. About 3 hours from Medan, the city town of North Sumatra. Other place you should visit after is Bukit Lawang.

The road was a little damaged, from Medan to Tangkahan can be reached by using public transportation.

Most of the people who live around Tangkahan are quite friendly. Try to greet them in Bahasa: “Hallo, Apa Kabar (Hi, How Are You?). They will see and give the best smile.

There are some comfortable cozy in Tangkahan such as Jungle Load and Bamboo River. The inns rate about Rp. 150.000 – Rp. 300.000. As accommodation which located in ecotourism object, both serve you naturally.

What To Do
Seeing some animals like Siamang or Orang Utans, tigers, long tail monkeys and bears. Feeding Elephants and looking for butterfly around Tangkahan Area is an unique atractions. This activities usually controlled by local guide. Crossing Batang Serangan river and try to fell the fresh by swimming in shore of the river. Flower garden in Lobangan Top lies on the height 1.500 meters above sea level, flora and fauna is waiting for you. Tourist usually looking for the biggest flower in the world namely Raflesia Arnoldi (Lia Naibaho)